“Dynamic has moved their location several times over the years starting out from a small two car garage, and then to a commercial site in Shelby Twp., and now currently resides at a three-acre facility in Sterling Heights. This practical new location is centrally located as Dynamic currently services thousands of customers through-out the Tri-County area.”

The birth of Dynamic Lawn and Landscape came from a high school business project back in the year 1980 when Chris and Tom were just students. Their senior project for their business class was to develop a detailed and credible business plan based on both research and consumers needs. Many of there classmates laughed at their plan for a professional lawn care service because back in the early 1980’s there was no demand for these services. Nevertheless, Chris and Tom put their plan on paper and their reputations on the line. Later that spring with their parents’ lawn mowers and very little money they started Dynamic Lawn and Landscape in the spring of 1980.
Their first year in business was even more successful than what they had imagined. With one employee, these young entrepreneurs landed their first big commercial account, Pine Knob. The exposure from this large commercial account soon created a shift to adding residential customers as well.

In the spring of 1986 Dynamic would add lawn fertilization as a new service for their customers. This concept was new then and most people were doing it themselves, or it wasn’t thought of as a necessary need. Who would have known that this new service back then, would now account for over one third of Dynamic’s annual sales.

The 1990’s building boom sparked a new demand for Dynamic as they would enthusiastically branch out into the landscape design and installation market. There was a strong demand for services such as brick paving and retaining walls.

In the spring of 1996 Tom left Dynamic to pursue a new career in the automotive industry. This one-time partnership would now be Chris’ responsibility and would require plenty of hard work and determination to keep it moving forward. Dynamic has moved their location several times over the years. Their practical new location in Shelby Township is centrally located as Dynamic currently services thousands of customers through-out the Tri-County area. Dynamic’s customer service area continues to grow as current and dependable customers move farther north and west. It is our trained, resourceful and respectful staff that keeps customers taking Dynamic Lawn along with them to their new homes.

Dynamic has become quite a “family affair” over the last thirty years. Chris’s strong family values have brought several of his siblings as well as his children to be part of the next generation at Dynamic. While customer service; quality; and integrity were what Dynamic was founded on, faith and family are equally as important. Chris is very active within his church and other community charities, and believes that giving back is of great importance. Chris’s motto today is all about the “team” of experts he has surrounded himself with over the years. This “team” effort is what made Dynamic so successful over the years, and this same approach will continue their success in the future.


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