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We customize our fertilization programs to fit the needs of your lawn. Our technicians apply lawn care products separately, so your lawn receives only the products that it needs. Enroll in our 6 treatment fertilizing program and you can expect to have the BEST looking lawn on your block. Our staff is professionally trained and certified to apply the right products at the right time. The outcome? A better lawn for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding products, application methods, or lawn care tips.

Our surface insect control will take care of all common turf damaging insects with the exception of grubs. This application can be applied between May and October. We will closely monitor the activity of webworms and chich bugs to determine the most effective time for making an application.

These bugs may have 2-3 generations in one season. We will target the 1st or 2nd generation of bugs to thwart high populations and prevent damage. Sign up for this service as a preventative, or if our technician notices a problem, we will leave you a notification and recommendations.

Our grub control is the latest and most effective method available for controlling grubs. Historically, grub treatments targeted grubs after emerging from their shell. This method works and is still in use today.

The newest method, however, targets grubs before they hatch. No hatching, no grubs. If needed, we will also include surface insect control with your grub control treatment. Essentially, by using our grub control service, your lawn will be protected from all turf damaging insects.

Our disease treatments target lawns with reoccurring disease problems, often cropping up season after season. Usually disease problems can be taken care of through proper mowing, watering, and fertilization (please see our Care Tips page – Cultural Practices).

If your lawn has the same disease every season, then we can help by applying preventative treatments. Please consult your technician regarding disease treatment and prevention.

Our perimeter pest management program is designed to keep un-wanted pests such as spiders; bees; wasps; and Box elder bugs out of your home. This four step program (starting at $51 per treatment) starts in April (weather permitting) and continues into October to stop pests from coming in from the cold.

Each treatment will include spraying around windows; brick ledges; overhangs; door walls; as well as two feet perimeter around the base of the home.


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