Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization Services in Sterling Heights, MI

Lawn Fertilization in Sterling Heights, MI | Dynamic Lawn & Landscape - IMG_1116Many suburban and urban lawns lack the necessary nutrients grass needs to grow and remain healthy.

Fertilization treatments help rebuild and strengthen an existing lawn, so you won’t have patchy or thin grass. Dynamic Lawn and Landscape offers several insect, grub, and disease treatment options to keep your yard lush and vibrant.

Lawn Fertilization Options Tailored to Your Yard

We customize our lawn fertilization programs to fit the specific needs of your lawn. Here at Dynamic Lawn and Landscape, our technicians apply lawn care products separately, so your lawn receives only the products that it needs. Enroll in our six-treatment fertilizing program, and you can expect to have THE Best-looking lawn on your block! Our staff is professionally trained and certified to apply the right products at the right time. The outcome? A healthier, better-looking yard for you and your family to enjoy. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding products, application methods, or lawn care tips.

Complete Insect, Pest, and Grub Control to Protect Your Lawn

Lawn Fertilization in Sterling Heights, MI | Dynamic Lawn & Landscape - 65452538606__EE21E44C-F952-46FF-B52D-EBB16FF69333Our surface insect control will take care of all-natural turf damaging insects except grubs. We can apply the treatment between May and October. We will closely monitor the activity of webworms and chinch bugs to determine the most effective time for making an application. Sign up for this service as a preventative measure, or if our technician notices a problem, we will leave you a notification and recommendations.


Our grub control is the latest and most effective method available for controlling grubs. Historically, grub treatments targeted grubs after emerging from their shell. The newest process, however, targets grubs before they hatch. No hatching, no grubs. If needed, we will also include surface insect control with your grub control treatment. Essentially, by using our grub control service, your lawn will be protected from all turf damaging insects.

Our perimeter pest control management program is designed to keep unwanted pests such as spiders, bees, wasps, and elder bugs out of your home. Each of our four pest control treatments will include spraying around windows, brick ledges, overhangs, door walls, as well as two feet perimeter around the base of your home.

From lawn pest control to disease treatments to lawn fertilization, Dynamic Lawn and Landscape has what you need to get the greenest lawn on the block. Give us a call today at (586) 731-1108 for your free lawn fertilization quote.
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We had been through a couple of places that just did not measure up. We are going into our second year with them and could not be happier! They come when they say they will and our lawn always looks awesome!
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