Sprinkler / Irrigation Services

Sprinkler and Irrigation Services in Sterling Heights, MI

Sprinklers watering a lawnSprinkler Start-up

Dynamic Lawn & Landscape's lawn sprinkler technician will examine all of your zones and check for complete sprinkler coverage, leaks, and broken heads. We will clean cut grass around your sprinkler system heads, which helps prevent clogged sprinkler heads over time. Our trained professionals are prepared to fix most problems on site. If an additional charge applies, we will consult with you before making any additional repairs.

Sprinkler Winterization

Before the cold weather hits, make sure to schedule our sprinkler winterization service. Our sprinkler tech will use an air compressor to blow the water out from all of your sprinkler lines. Flushing your sprinkler system out with air will protect your sprinkler lines and vacuum breaker from freeze damage during the winter months. We even warranty freeze damage the following spring if you have us perform the initial spring sprinkler start-up. Other damage to sprinkler heads and lines is not covered under warranty.

Dry and Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Dry pipe systems are especially important during Michigan's long, cold winters. They intuitively prevent freezing even during frigid temperatures. Still, they need regular maintenance, just like wet pipe sprinkler systems.
Our expert technicians can install, repair, and maintain dry and wet pipe systems. We can also install a detection system to identify common issues and fix them before they become major repairs.

Irrigation System Maintenance 

Irrigation systems are vital. Issues must be corrected quickly. That's where we come in. We can diagnose and correct issues with your irrigation system quickly. We can also offer a custom plan to help you protect and maintain your water delivery system over time.
Our professional sprinkler and irrigation system repair:

  • piping
  • valves
  • nozzles
  • replacement parts

Common Signs of Sprinkler System Problems

  • Reduced water pressure
  • Inconsistent water flow from your nozzles
  • Too much water at a time
  • Property damage
  • Water leaks, including those that appear far from your sprinkler system

Remember, sprinkler system issues may not always be evident. Regular inspections are needed to prevent water flow issues.

Saving Money With Our Irrigation and Sprinkler System Services

Piping system problems can sometimes be difficult to identify. faulty equipment can lead to unwanted water discharge underground that isn't always easy to identify at first. An underground is sometimes only apparent when your water bill increases drastically or you discover significant property damage. By then, repairs could be very costly.
Normal wear can lead to these problems, but regular inspections and maintenance can help prevent them from becoming significant. We offer cost-effective inspection and maintenance plans. Our experts will help identify possible signs of water damage. We work with both commercial and residential sprinklers to prevent water problems for good! We can also get your sprinklers installed efficiently and correctly.
If you're experiencing a water pressure issue, contact us online or give us a call at (586) 731-1108 for a fast response from Michigan's most seasoned sprinkler system experts!



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