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Tree Fertilization Services from a Certified Arborist in Sterling Heights, MI

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Dynamic Lawn and Landscape offers a full range of tree fertilization & spraying services within Sterling Heights and the Southeast Michigan area. We care about trees and want you to be happy with your property. Our trained, licensed, and certified arborists on staff will educate you on the benefits of tree care, including tree fertilization, spraying, and maintenance while overseeing the crew who completes the work.

That's the benefit of choosing a locally-owned tree service company: we understand both trees and how they are impacted by the climate in Southeast Michigan. Proper plant health care isn't just about understanding the plants themselves, but also how they are impacted by the surrounding environment.

Benefits of Tree Fertilization and Tree Spraying for Your Property

In both suburban and urban areas, the nutrients your trees need to grow and remain strong are often absent. Even raking up fallen leaves and other forms of land clearing take away your tree's natural fertilizer. This lack of nutrients, in addition to root space issues and the temperature fluctuations typical in Michigan, present incredible stress for your trees.

Our on-staff arborist will work with you, your landscape, and your trees to decide the right timing, and type of fertilizer to best support your tree's growth. We always choose the best quality products to treat your yard to encourage responsible, sustainable growth. Regular tree spraying keeps your trees healthy by preventing damage done by pests and diseases. Many types of tree sprays help prevent insects and diseases from invading the tree in the first place.

Quality Service from Experienced Tree Care Professionals

Dynamic Lawn and Landscaping truckEstablished in 1980, Dynamic Lawn and Landscape has been serving residential and commercial clients in the Sterling Heights area for all their lawn care needs. We hold state certifications from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Michigan Green Industry Association (MGIA) and have a trained, certified, and licensed arborist on staff. We only use premium quality, non-spray fertilizers when treating your trees.

Dynamic Lawn and Landscape Tree Care Services Include:

  • Assessment of tree health
  • Diagnosing insect and disease problems
  • Treatment for pests/diseases
  • Fertilization to increase tree growth
  • Tree trimming and pruning

FAQs for Tree Service in Sterling Heights

Our clients have a lot of questions about how our tree care and fertilization services may impact their trees and landscaping. We've answered a few of the most common questions below. For more information about tree fertilization and care, please call us at (586) 731-1108.

Do trees need fall fertilizer?

Yes. Trees use many resources during the spring and fall to grow and product fruit. These nutrients are often depleted by fall, just ahead of the seasons that are most challenging for trees. If you have fruits trees that are no longer producing fruit, this could be one of many possible causes.

How is tree service different from landscaping service?

While tree services and fertilization ultimately play a role in landscaping, trees have unique needs from other plants. They need more nutrients, and tree trimming can differ depending on the species. Tree removal services also require more planning and effort than typical landscaping.

Your overall landscaping will also typically require maintenance more frequently than trees.

How often should trees be trimmed?

This depends on the age of the tree. We typically recommend trimming young trees every two or three years. Older trees can go longer without trimming, sometimes up to five years at a time. Conferous trees can last even longer.

Dynamic Lawn and Landscape has been providing yard design and maintenance work throughout Metro Detroit for nearly 40 years! Give us a call today at (586) 731-1108 to manage your tree fertilization.
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